Scaling-up community-led EbA in biodiverse forest landscapes in Viet Nam

Implemented by International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)


With this project IIED and partners aim to reduce climate risk and improve livelihoods for farmers through upscaled EbA approaches in biodiverse landscapes in 17 communes of five provinces of Northern Viet Nam. Achieving this will involve co-developing, documenting and spreading knowledge of EbA best practices cases with and among local communities – drawing on new ‘diversification for resilience’ planning underway in established forest and farming producer organisations and building on traditional knowledge and biocultural heritage. Provincial peer-to-peer capacity building around those EbA approaches will be complemented by training to promote innovations in product labelling and marketing that incentivise EbA through improved market and finance access. A new Participatory Guarantee Scheme pilot will certify products from those landscapes that adopt EbA. Links will also be developed that reward best practice within established Vietnamese finance opportunities, such as Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes. Multi-media communication work involving both the Viet Nam Farmers Union and the Asian Farmers Association will spread uptake of lessons through established national and global networks. 

Project start date: December 2022

Duration: 24 months

Cohort: 2nd (September 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$250,230

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Project Status

While administrative processes in-country have not yet allowed for an official project implementation start, one EbA best practice case study has been selected in each of the five project districts based on desk research and interviews with VNFU staff engaged in supporting forest and farm producer organisations’ EbA activities in the project location. Future activities will include field research to document the case studies will commence in July 2023; A synthesis report of the case studies will be produced in September 2023 and; A knowledge exchange event to disseminate findings of the case studies is planned for 1st tier forest and farm producer organisations from the project area in November 2023. 

Header Image: © IIED; Footer Image: Quentin Dang © Unsplash

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