Enhancing adaptive capacity of smallholders in Thailand through the Trees4All initiative

Implemented by Regional Community Forestry Training Center Thailand (RECOFTC)

By planting native and commercial tree species in degraded forests and agricultural areas, the project will build ecosystem-based climate resilience of smallholders in northern Thailand. Trees4All is a tree planting initiative that engages the private sector and the public in sponsoring tree planting. The funds finance smallholders to replace their monoculture crops with diverse native and commercial tree species. These trees will help restore the ecosystem and generate alternative sources of income for smallholders. An online database tracks the progress of each planted tree. The project proposes a replicable forest farm model that builds ecological resilience by restoring forests, increasing habitat connectivity and biodiversity on farms, stabilizing soil, improving fertility and reducing risks from disasters. This ecosystem-based adaptation project uses financial incentives for smallholders to transition away from monocropping. 

Cohort: 2nd (September 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$249,700

Header Image: © RECOFTC Thailand; Footer Image: Conscious Design © Unsplash

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