Evidence-based policymaking for the promotion of an EbA approach in the development of the green belt in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Implemented by Fondazione ACRA


The project aims at restoring and rehabilitating three sites located in the Green Belt, which has been severely impacted by Climate Change and a fast urbanisation leading to the degradation of its ecosystem. 

The adoption of sustainable resource management is necessary to protect farming activities and to preserve the biodiversity of the Green Belt. In the urban context of Ouagadougou, the Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) approach will be promoted through a three-pillared strategy linking research, awareness-raising activities, and policymaking

In order to promote best practices for a more effective climate change mitigation strategy, the research component will analyse the Green Belt ecosystem and its potential

Awareness activities and trainings addressed to primary schools, targeted farmers, and associations active in the area, will play a fundamental role in promoting the understanding and knowledge on the importance of preserving the Green Belt. 

In order to mainstream the EbA approach into local and national legislation, the project will intervene at policy level involving the Municipality of Ouagadougou, the Ministry of the Environment, and mayors of other Burkinabe and Sahelian cities. Addressing these three components, the intervention strategy aims to improve socioeconomic status, wellbeing and local communities’ resilience to Climate Change. 

Project start date: November 2022

Duration: 24 months

Cohort: 2nd (September 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$249,999

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Project Status

The field research to identify the current vulnerability level of the Green Belt and to understand the local perceptions of climate change has been completed. These documents will be soon available on an open-sourced database containing documents, research and pertinent information related to the Green Belt enhancing local adaptation initiatives, practices and studies to guide green areas management in urban contexts.  

A practical guide to identifying the most beneficial actions, plant species, technologies and EbA approach practices is being finalized to be promoted with local authorities and the population.  

Four primary schools have been selected with the Municipality of Ouagadougou. A meeting with the school’s headmasters and teachers took place in order to discuss the environmental education program and to establish that, starting from the new academic year, the curricula will include units on climate change and EbA approach. 

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