Promoting and scaling diversification within the management of Amazon forest resources as an Ecosystem-based Adaptation measure

Implemented by Asociación Boliviana para la Investigación y Conservación de Ecosistemas Andino-Amazónicos (ACEAA)

This project is focused on supporting the implementation of comprehensive forest management of the Bolivian Amazon by updating and disseminating the scientific and research data published on the Amazonian Fruits and Climate Change Observatory1 (AFCCO) and empowering local communities under an Ecosystem-based Adaptation approach (EbA). Through the community-based management of standing forests it is possible to maintain resilience capacity against the impacts of climate change.  

Through this project we will reach community-based productive initiatives, as well as local and regional decision-makers by: 

  1. Collecting and disseminating updated socio-environmental information related to non-timber forest products (Brazil nut, açaí palm and others) in the Bolivian Amazon through the AFCCO.  
  1. Implementing an early warning and monitoring system of non-timber forest products (mainly Brazil nut) by combining technology with local knowledge to plan for periods of low natural production of wild forest resources. 
  1. Strengthening capacities of local initiatives based on non-timber forest products, identifying and disseminating a portfolio of EbA measures and bottleneck solutions for forest resource management. 
  1. Promoting the use of AFCCO by local and regional decision-makers. 

This project, with the support of the Global EbA Fund, expects to rescale the results generated from EbA adaptation throughout the northern Bolivian Amazon as well as throughout the Madre de Dios basin, including Peru. 

Healthy forests are productive, productive forests are resilient to climate change


Cohort: 2nd (September 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$218,657

Header Image: © ACEAA; Footer Image: © ACEAA

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