New Approaches to Upscale Resilience and Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Tanzania

Implemented by CARE Tanzania & CARE Nederland

The project is aiming at increased resilience of communities especially most-marginalized people through improving ecosystem services in drought prone areas of Tanzania in five Districts including Simanjiro, Kiteto, Chemba, Same and Mufindi. 

The project will address social vulnerabilities such as food insecurity, access to resources, water use conflict, human-wildlife conflict, pastoralist migration and land-use conflicts to support restoration of ecosystem services and contribute to improvement of the legal and development policy framework in Tanzania as it addresses a core issue that affects restoration of ecosystem services. The project is designed to address the barriers of upscaling EbA solutions and will work to strengthen the policy component of these initiatives by removing the barriers for up-scaling Ecosystem-based Adaptation and restoration of ecosystem services.  

Therefore, this project will support strengthening ecosystems that deliver critical services to communities to enhance community resilience. CARE Nederland through CARE Tanzania will involve a wide range of stakeholders in research, advocacy and policymaking processes around EbA-related fields such as agriculture, livestock, natural resources management and tourism and communities in targeted districts to achieve project results.  

Cohort: 2nd (September 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

Header Image: © CARE; Footer Image: © CARE

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