Nature-Based City: Biodiversity and Climate Resilience on Urban Development 

Implemented by ICLEI


The project Nature-Based City: Biodiversity and  Climate Resilience on Urban Development seeks to promote biodiversity conservation and climate action agendas in local policies in the city of Belém, located in the Amazon Rainforest and one of the most important capital cities of Brazil, nominated to host the world’s Climate Conference, COP30 in 2025.   

The project will provide technical support from ICLEI South America to enhance city access to green funding, tools to develop participatory governance and evidence-based planning, such as ecosystem services and climate change risk and vulnerability assessments. 

NBCity will also carry out city-to-city cooperation with Biodiversity leader cities in Colombia to scale-up positive impacts. In addition, the project will link to other initiatives to support planning an implementation with an EbA approach involving strategic partners. 

Project start date: June 2023

Duration: 19 months

Cohort: 3rd (February 2022 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

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Project Status

This project is in its initial stage and activities to establish the project are underway. 

Images by Rodrigo Kugnharski

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