Restoring nature and peace threatened by climate change: monitoring human security benefits of EbA in Kenya

Implemented by Conservation International (CI)

In the Chyulu Hills of south-eastern Kenya, this project will work with indigenous Maasai communities to restore 11,000 hectares of grasslands to improve pastoral livelihoods and explore the connections between climate adaptation, ecosystem restoration and human security through evaluation of the potential of grassland restoration to reduce human-human and human-wildlife conflict driven by climate change. Accompanying the on-ground work in Kenya, the Global EbA Fund will support complementary research on conflict sensitivity and climate resilience. The project will demonstrate the linkages between grassland restoration and conflict resolution, identify climate-resilient and conflict-sensitive practices to inform the improvement of land management plans and grassland restoration, and increase the awareness and support of local NGOs, local communities, traditional local authorities, and national and international decision makers on those linkages and practices.

Cohort: 1st (April 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

Header Image: © Charlie Shoemaker; Footer Image: © UNEP

photography of mountains under cloudy skies

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