Kalimantan Mangrove Shrimp Project

Implemented in Indonesia by Blueyou

Selva Shrimp® is a proven approach to aquaculture that combines small-scale farming with active nature conservation, thereby creating climate-resilient livelihoods for local communities while reviving heavily degraded ecosystems. The basis of Selva Shrimp® is that through a combination of improved farming methods and the reforestation of mangroves, profitability and ecological value can be improved. This will result in lower input costs and higher revenues for farmers who will have better access to international sustainable seafood markets. The shift to long-term sustainable methods that increase large-area mangrove coverage also presents an opportunity to establish carbon credit financing schemes. Together, these interventions form the basis for a solid business plan to accelerate private sector investment in creating a scalable investment-ready mangrove restoration project that benefits multiple local and regional actors while addressing local adaptation challenges.

Cohort: 1st (April 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

Header Image: © Ocean Image Bank / Alexander Mustard; Footer Image: © UNEP

photography of mountains under cloudy skies

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