Mainstreaming Proven EbA Solutions with Small-Scale Cattle Ranches to Increase the Resilience of Livestock Supply Chain in Northeast Mexico

Implemented by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mexico

By replicating a portfolio of adaptation measures – both ecosystem-based and conventional – this project supports small-scale cattle ranchers to reduce their vulnerability to diverse climate change impacts in two protected areas in Coahuila, in arid Northeast Mexico. Building on an ongoing participatory and multi-stakeholder effort to implement an ecosystem-based approach in the cattle supply chain, this project will mainstream the business case for EbA across cattle ranches, meat producer groups, and the livestock production chain. WWF Mexico and partners aim to adapt and scale up an approach to support vulnerable small-scale cattle ranchers from ejidos (communal property entities). The main focus will be linking small producers with a strong and consolidated producers’ group and removing barriers that have prevented them from adopting the EbA approach in order to increase the resilience of the whole supply chain.

Cohort: 1st (April 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$183,557

Header Image: © Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF; Footer Image: © UNEP

photography of mountains under cloudy skies

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