Putting ecosystems at the center of adaptation through climate smart village approach

Implemented in Honduras and Guatemala by the Alliance of International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and Bioversity International

Partnering with Asociación Regional Campesina Cho’rti’ (ASORECH) and Comisión de Acción Social Menonita (CASM)

Implemented in the Santa Rita and Olopa communities of Honduras and Guatemala, respectively, within the Central American Dry Corridor region, this project builds on the current evidence gleaned from Climate Smart Villages (CSV) on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), thus generating robust scientific evidence on EbA effectiveness. The project will implement agricultural practices to recover agroecosystems using agroclimatic information and improve the ecosystem services of agricultural production systems. Additionally, the project will inform the formulation of public policies to strengthen the cross-sectoral implementation of the EbA approach. By combining participatory methodologies, effective dialogue between science and local knowledge, bridging the gap between policy-informing scales, and contributing to knowledge exchange through collaborative research, this project will further showcase the benefits of EbA in agricultural settings.

Cohort: 1st (April 2021 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

Header Image: © Esteban Benites on Unsplash; Footer Image: © UNEP

photography of mountains under cloudy skies

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