Coastal & Marine Areas

Kalimantan Mangrove Shrimp Project

Tags: Food Security, Severe Storms

Implemented in Indonesia by Blueyou

Photo: Corals and mangroves in Indonesia. © Ocean Image Bank / Alexander Mustard

Effective Management and Sustainable Financing of Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines

Tags: Rising Sea Level, Severe Storms

Implemented by Blue Finance

Photo: Coral reef in the Philippines. © Ocean Image Bank / Gregory Piper

Upscaling Mangrove Restoration for Coastal Hazard Reduction in a Deltaic Environment: Prioritizing Restoration Efforts for Nature-based Solutions in the Volta Delta

Tags: Flooding, Rising Sea Level

Implemented by East Carolina University (ECU)

Photo: Mangrove planting during the celebration of International Mangroves Day, 2021 by Anyanuie community’ in partnership with The Development Institute and IUCN- Ghana Project Office. © The Development Institute, Ghana

Asia Pacific Nature-Based Risk Reduction & Insurance Facility in Philippines

Tags: Flooding, Severe Storms

Implemented by the Danish Red Cross (On Hold)

Photo: © DRC

ClimateWatch Vanuatu – Building community climate resilience

Tags: Flooding, Increased Heat, Severe Storms

Implemented by Earthwatch Australia Institute (EWA)

Photo: © EWA

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