Grants Management Platform FAQ

Will I be notified as my application moves through different stages of review? 

You will receive an e-mail acknowledging your submission. Unless your application is declined, all further communication will be done through The Global EbA Fund undertakes a thorough review process that takes at least 6 months. You will only be notified of the final outcome of the review process or in case there are any clarification questions. Please note that we are unable to respond to queries about the status of your application.

If I leave my application unfinished, will it automatically save my progress? 

You are able to save your application at any stage and go back to it later. Please note that it will NOT be automatically saved and you need to use the Save button before stepping away.

How do I structure the logical framework and detailed activity table of my application? 

When developing a logical framework and detailed activity table, please note that projects must have one overarching outcome and a maximum of four outputs. However, it is strongly advised to limit the number of outputs (one to two is encouraged) to ensure a focused and strategic project within the amount of funding provided. A maximum of five activities can be developed under each of the outputs. The online platform will not accept any log frames that have more than one outcome, more than four outputs and more than five activities under each output. For more information please go through the Grants Procedures Manual

Previously we had to apply and send our required documentation by email. Is everything being done through the online platform now? 

Yes, as of the 6th cohort with the cut-off date on 15th September, all applications and supporting documents need to be submitted through the online platform. All information is available on the How to Apply page of our website.

Do I have to put information in every question, even if it doesn’t apply to me? 

Most questions in the application documents are compulsory for all applicants. Those that are not will be marked as “optional”. You will not be able to submit your application if all compulsory questions are not answered – an error message will be shown next to the questions that need to be answered.

How can I tell if my project follows all of the criteria? How do I define terms like ‘catalytic’?  

The website of the Global EbA Fund provides vast resources that explain what kind of projects we are looking to Fund. Please consult the Grant Procedures Manual for the most detailed information. Please also visit the What We Fund and How to Apply pages of the website.

I am planning to apply but I missed the current cut-off date. What do I do? 

Global EbA Fund accepts applications under General and Thematic funding tracks. Applications under the General funding track can be submitted all year round. If you missed the current cut-off date, your application will be considered for the next cut-off date. There are two cut-off dates per year. The thematic track topic will change for each cohort. Applications under the Thematic track need to be submitted by the cut-off date that applies to it. If you miss the cut-off date, you can submit your proposal under the General track. Please check the Fund Updates page for any relevant announcements.

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