Beyond Bang for the Buck: the Business Case for Financial Inclusion to Scale EbA Solutions in Philippine Coastal Communities

Implemented by Rare, with Accion International & Levoca


Coastal communities and Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF) are exceptionally vulnerable to climate change. Integrating Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) into SSF can significantly enhance communities’ resilience and improve coastal ecosystem health. Yet, for EbA approaches to be effective, a supportive socio-economic environment and sustainable financing are vital. Through the lens of Rare’s Managed Access & Reserve (MA+R) model, the project aims to create a replicable financial model for Philippine municipalities that quantifies the costs of sustainable fisheries management that includes EbA. It will also assess the contribution of financial inclusion to socio-economic resilience and the adoption of EbA approaches. Based on these insights, the project partners will equip local leaders with skills needed to understand and articulate the costs of sustainable fisheries management that include EbA elements. Ultimately, the project seeks to build an investment case for resilient, sustainable coastal fisheries in the Philippines.

Project start date: October 2023

Duration: 20 months

Cohort: 4th (July 2022 cutoff)

Award: US$250,000

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