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Global EbA Fund

A funding mechanism for catalytic, innovative, and inclusive projects that aim to create an enabling environment for the implementation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities and ecosystems to the impacts of climate change.

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“Ecosystem-based Adaptation increases the resilience of ecosystems and communities alike against the escalating impacts of climate change. The Global Ecosystem-based Adaptation Fund addresses specific gaps in policy and technical knowledge to maximise the impact of this vital nature-based solution on a global scale. The Fund capitalises on IUCN’s convening power, its network of Members, Commissions and partners, and on existing expertise and knowledge to accelerate global momentum behind climate resilience.”

– Dr. Bruno Oberle, Director General of IUCN

Funding Opportunities

By supporting catalytic climate change adaptation initiatives, the Fund will help overcome barriers to upscaling EbA, address knowledge gaps, pilot innovative EbA approaches, engage in strategic EbA policy mainstreaming, and incentivise innovative finance mechanisms and private sector EbA investment.

“Nature-based solutions are increasingly recognised as integral to global climate action. With this new programme, we are using the power of ecosystems to help societies adapt to climate change. Ecosystem-based adaptation is now being undertaken by more and more governments and organisations all over the world. This work demonstrates that it’s not only us that protects nature, but also nature that protects us.”

–  Inger Andersen, Executive Director of UNEP

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The Global EbA Fund supports scaling up EbA across the world to help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. Learn more below.

“Nature-based Solutions encompass approaches of working with nature to address societal challenges. Ecosystem-based Adaptation is one such approach to address climate change. IUCN has been at the forefront of Ecosystem-based Adaptation for over a decade now, harnessing the power of nature to increase the resilience of global communities who face the brunt of climate change. By supporting a range of high-quality and diverse EbA projects, the Global EbA Fund encourages innovation and scaling up of NbS for adaptation worldwide.

– Stewart Maginnis, Global Director of the Nature-based Solutions Group, IUCN

Learn More

Visit our Resources page to learn more about EbA, climate change adaptation approaches, FAQs, privacy policy and more.

“The momentum for nature-based solutions is building and the Global EbA Fund is ready to push this work to the next level. In order to bring nature-based solutions to scale, this Fund creates synergies with other key initiatives, including the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the Global Adaptation Network, and IUCN’s Friends of EbA network. We no longer have to choose between nature or people; now it’s nature for people.”

– Tim Christophersen, Coordinator of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, UNEP

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