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In its first application cycle, which closed in April 2021, the Global EbA Fund received 276 applications with projects proposed in 75 countries and territories. In its second application cycle, which closed on 15 September 2021, 622 applications were received. The third cycle closed on 28 February 2022 with 210 applications received.

The Global EbA Fund has now announced its approval of a total of US$6,579,039 worth of grants, awarded to twenty-seven projects, making up the first three cohorts of the Fund.

Collectively, the twenty-seven projects will work to increase the uptake, scalability, and replicability of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change interventions across diverse ecosystems in eighteen countries, spanning five continents. 

These projects will demonstrate the economic co-benefits of ecosystem-based adaptation implementation with an emphasis on local needs, synergistic effects between ecosystem-based adaptation and other approaches, and much more.

The individual grantees are listed below.

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